Monday, October 19

Starbucks is for FALL

Here's the fall - my favorite time of the year. Why? Well, probably because of:
Cozy sweaters
Hot coffee

Bright colors

Yummy pumpkin
Warm sun

What can be better that staying at home while it's raining outside and drinking coffee (or tea, whatever), enjoying your life and maybe watching any movie. Honestly, I like to spend my evenings at home watching YouTubers or any listening to music. It's so chilly.
Wearnig huge sweaters doesn't mean they have to be dark or borring. I found this cute yellow baby at ZARA and fell in love with it♥
Even during grey day I can be a posotive thing.

By the way, I really love rains - all you need to hit the rain is a pair of waterproof boots. All those cozy evenings... Aren't they nice? The most amazing time of the year.
Why do you love fall?